pHree & Clear Pool Chemical Balance Tablets 10 pound bucket

13.00 LBS
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The patented formula in the pHree & Clear pool balance clarifier tablets adjusts pool ater alkalinity and pH while clarifying your pool water all in one step.  Reduce the number of pool chemicals you need, making pool maintenance easier and less expensive. Simply drop in a pool balancing tablet and your pool water will be crystal clear in no time. Keep using the pHree & Clear balance tablets throughout the year for perfect swimming water with little work.

  • For small pools, put one pHree & Clear balance pool clarifier tablet into your pool every week. Larger pools of at least 29,000 gallons may need up to five tablets per week
  • Pool balancing tablets enhance pool filtration and improves sanitizer performance
  • Eliminates pH bounce and prevents corrosion when added with your pool sanitizer
  • Reduces the number of pool chemicals you need; cuts pool maintenance time and costs down
  • Tablets are available in tubs of 20 (10 lbs.)
  • Regular use helps your pool water maintain a crystal clear quality



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