Pressure Side

Pressure Side

Pressure Side

The Pressure Side category offers a wide range of products designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your pressure side pool cleaner. These products are specifically designed to work with popular models such as Polaris 280, 380, Pentair Legend, and more.

One of the highlights of this category is the Polaris 280 replacement 2 pack. This pack includes one all-purpose K16 bag and one sand silt K18 bag, allowing you to tackle various types of debris in your pool. The Polaris G52 White Back Up valve is another notable product, designed to replace the valve in 180, 280, and 380 cleaners. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance and durability.

For those in need of a backup valve in black, the Polaris G62 Black Back Up valve is the perfect choice. It is compatible with 180, 280, and 380 cleaners, providing an added layer of protection and efficiency. Additionally, the Polaris ALL-PURPOSE BAG is specifically designed for 165, 65, and Turbo Turtle models, providing a convenient solution for collecting debris during the cleaning process.

The category also features products from Pentair, including the Legend Replacement Debris Bag. This bag is designed to effectively capture and hold debris, ensuring a cleaner and clearer pool. The Pentair Letro EW22 Wall Fitting Assembly is another popular option, providing a seamless connection between your pressure side cleaner and the pool wall.

For those in need of a replacement filter screen, the Polaris 180/360 Replacement Filter Screen is an ideal choice. This high-quality screen effectively captures fine debris, maintaining the performance of your cleaner. The Pentair Legend Replacement Back Up Valve E10 is another valuable addition to this category, offering a reliable backup valve for your pressure side cleaner.

To enhance convenience and ease of use, the Polaris Quick Disconnect D29 is available, providing a hassle-free attachment and detachment of your pressure side cleaner. The category also offers replacement bags, including the Polaris 280 Sand/Silt Bag, designed to effectively trap fine debris. Lastly, the Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner Lead Hose Model D50 ensures a reliable connection between your cleaner and the pool's filtration system.

In summary, the Pressure Side category offers a wide range of products designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your pressure side pool cleaner. With options for replacement bags, backup valves, filter screens, and more, this category provides everything you need to keep your pool clean, clear, and ready for enjoyment.