Up-Rated Pool Pumps vs. Full-Rated Pool Pumps

6th Feb 2016

Up-Rated Pool Pumps vs. Full-Rated Pool Pumps Choosing the right pump and motor for your pool is important when it comes to the proper care and maintenance of your pool; and understanding the differences between a full-rated pump and an up-rated pump can help you make the right decision. The concept can be so confusing that it is actually possible to buy an up-rated pump and mistakenly assume that you are getting more horsepower for your money than a full-rated pump that really has th
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Gas Heater Systems for Pool or Spa

1st Jan 2016

Gas Heater Systems for Pool or Spa   When the temperature is 90 or above it is great to jump into a pool to cool off. Jumping into an unheated pool when it is chilly out is not something most of us find enjoyable. With a pool heater, you can still enjoy using your pool even when the outside temperatures are low. Read on for a brief description of gas heater systems. Gas heating systems have long been a popular choice, despite their inefficiency as compared to el
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How to Open Your Pool for the Season

4th Dec 2015

Opening your Pool in the Spring   Even if you spend time on winterizing your swimming pool in preparation for the colder months, there will still be a few tasks to perform to open your pool up for use in the spring. If you’ve winterized your pool, your spring-time tasks will be relatively easy, but there’s still plenty to do. Step One: Plan Ahead Grab what you need before you start the work. If you stored pool accessories such as hoses, plugs, and clamps indoors over wi
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How Swimming Pool Sand Filters Work

12th Nov 2015

Swimming Pool Sand Filters Sand filters are a popular option for keeping swimming pools clean. These filters use natural sand as a filtering agent, trapping debris as it passes through so that only clean water is pumped into your pool. Because sand filters don’t have paper or fiber parts to clog or tear, they can often go for years with only minimal maintenance being required to keep them in good running condition. If you are looking for a pool filtration solution, tak
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We Have Great Prices on Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge

3rd Sep 2015

How long has it been since you've replaced your swimming pool filter cartridge? If you can't remember, it might be time. Most pool cartridges last a long time, meaning you won't be shelling out for monthly replacement costs, but they certainly aren't made to last forever. Filters will help keep the rest of your pool equipment functioning efficiently, too, as it alleviates stress on your filter pump and keeps the pressure down. Your filter undergoes a lot of pressure from water, chemicals, and de
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