Zodiac Wahoo Aboveground Automatic Pool Cleaner

16.00 LBS
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Zodiac Baracuda Wahoo Aboveground Automatic Pool Cleaner W70482

Dependable. But of course.

The Wahoo is an affordable, dependable automatic pool cleaner that will thoroughly clean your aboveground pool—removing dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves and even pebbles—and requires no extra plumbing and incurs no additional energy cost.

  • Installs in minutes — Since it's pre-assembled in the box, just attach the hose. No tools or special plumbing are required.

  • Hyper Disc — Allows the Ranger to glide effortlessly along the bottom of your pool, up the sides and around steps cleaning your whole pool.

  • Quieter — Other cleaners make an annoying flapper or hammer noise. The Wahoo was built to work quickly, effectively and quietly.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty — Covers manufacturing defects and wear and tear. Even the hoses are covered.

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