Unicel C-7483 Replacement filter

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The Unicel C-7483 Replacement filter is a high-quality filter cartridge designed to provide exceptional water filtration for your pool or spa. This replacement filter is part of the Unicel Filters 7000 Series, known for their superior performance and durability.

With a size of 81 sq-ft, this filter is capable of efficiently filtering a large amount of water, ensuring that your pool or spa remains clean and clear. The 7 inch diameter allows for a greater surface area, enabling the filter to capture more debris and contaminants.

Measuring 19-5/8 inches in length and featuring 176 pleats, this replacement filter offers a generous amount of filtration media. The pleats create a larger surface area, maximizing the filter's ability to trap and remove particles from the water.

The Unicel C-7483 Replacement filter is constructed with a 3-inch open top hole and a 3-inch open bottom hole, both of which are equipped with molded gaskets. This ensures a secure fit and prevents any bypass of unfiltered water. The filter's top and bottom holes also make it compatible with Hayward C3025 and C3030 models.

With a 4 oz material weight, this replacement filter is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. It is made from durable, high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The Unicel C-7483 Replacement filter comes in a convenient packaging quantity of 4, allowing you to have spares on hand whenever needed. This is especially beneficial for pool owners who want to ensure continuous filtration and keep their pool or spa water in optimal condition.

Overall, the Unicel C-7483 Replacement filter is a reliable and effective solution for maintaining clean and clear water in your pool or spa. With its exceptional filtration capabilities and durable construction, this replacement filter is a must-have for any pool or spa owner.
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