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The Natural Hot Tub Company Deluxe Spa Package

8.00 LBS
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The Natural Hot Tub Company Deluxe Spa Package is the ultimate guide for spa owners who want to care for their hot tub while also being environmentally conscious. With this package, you can maintain your spa using 100% safe and effective enzyme products that are not only good for your skin but also for the earth.

The centerpiece of this package is our Water Treatment & Conditioner. This product softens and conditions your spa water, stabilizes pH and alkalinity, and reduces the need for harsh chemicals. By following our program, you can enjoy your spa without worrying about harming the groundwater systems that support countless living creatures. With one hot tub at a time, our program is making a difference.

The package also includes our Penetrating Spa Cleanser, which removes contaminants and residues from deep within your spa's plumbing, fittings, and equipment. By using this cleanser just once a year, you can prevent chemical build-up and keep your spa running smoothly.

For a sustainable and eco-friendly way to clean your spa filter, our Filter-Soak with Citrus is the perfect solution. This product uses enzymes to break down lotions and oils, leaving your filter clean and your spa water clear. It is also non-foaming and economical, making it a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment.

To ensure that your spa water is free from impurities, we recommend using our Garden Hose Pre-Filter. This pre-filter helps eliminate metals, minerals, and other contaminants before they enter your spa, reducing the need for additional chemicals to maintain the proper chemical balance. With a maximum life of 1200 US gallons, this pre-filter provides you with clean and pure water for your spa.

In addition, our package includes SeaKlear Natural Clarifier, which works in conjunction with our Water Treatment & Conditioner to keep your water clean and clear. This clarifier is especially useful during periods of heavier spa use or when the number of bathers increases.

Lastly, our package includes Chlorinating Concentrate Granular, which is not only an EPA registered sanitizer but also acts as a shock treatment for your spa. This product can dissipate out of the water, allowing bathers to enjoy their spa without soaking in harsh chemicals or breathing toxic fumes. To ensure the water is environmentally safe to drain, we provide instructions on how to dissipate the chlorine before emptying your spa.

With the included test strips, you can easily monitor the chemical levels in your spa and make any necessary adjustments.

Please use all products according to the manufacturers' instructions to ensure the best results for your spa. With The Natural Hot Tub Company Deluxe Spa Package, you can enjoy a clean and environmentally friendly spa experience.
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