Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies For Your In-ground Pool

An in-ground pool is a big investment in your home. We'll help you make sure it stays sparkling clean, clear, and ready for use. We have the swimming pool cleaning supplies and gear you need for your in-ground pool, no matter what you need. Check out our suggestions for...

Making your pool cleaner: Try the Catfish Cleaner! This cordless, rechargeable vacuum can suck up dirt and rocks into it's large filtration bag, making spot cleaning your pool a breeze. One charge will keep the vacuum running for 35 minutes, and has a crevice attachment to reach tricky corners.

Getting your pool ready for a party: The ChillLite Bubble Premier Pool Lights are the perfect addition to your pool party. This softly glowing orbs come in a 3-pack, and you can choose a single color of light or changing lights for a big impact. The rechargeable lights are totally waterproof.

Making your pool more fun: You can't beat the Cyclone Slide! This low-profile slide can fit on even the smallest decks, and works with pools as shallow as 42". This is a durable slide that stands up to hours of use by your kids.

What else do you need for your in-ground pool? We have all the swimming pool cleaning supplies and equipment you need to keep your pool clean, safe, and fun. Pick out what you need and place your order today--we'll ship it for free!

Dec 10, 2014

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