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Space Age Aboveground Pool Solar Cover

Space Age Aboveground Pool Solar Cover
40.00 LBS
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This innovative Space Age Aboveground Pool Solar Cover by Midwest Canvas is designed to revolutionize the way you enjoy your pool. Say goodbye to constantly heating your pool water and hello to an efficient and cost-effective solution that will enhance your pool experience.

With its enticing blue and silver color, this solar cover not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your pool but also provides exceptional performance. The 8 Mil thickness ensures durability and longevity, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of this solar cover for years to come.

One of the key features of this solar cover is its incredible heat retention capability. With a remarkable 14.6% greater heat retention than other models, this product truly stands out from the crowd. By collecting the sun's rays and effectively trapping heat, this solar cover keeps your pool water warmer for longer periods, allowing you to enjoy extended swimming seasons and saving you money on heating costs.

But how does it work? The Space Age™* Solar Blanket utilizes a unique design that mimics the functionality of a traditional blanket. This means that it collects heat from the sun's rays, just like a regular blanket would. However, what sets it apart is the special aluminium underside that reflects the otherwise lost heat back into the pool. This innovative technology maximizes heat retention and ensures that your pool water stays warm and inviting, even during cooler temperatures.

Not only does this solar cover provide exceptional heat retention, but it also acts as a shield, protecting your pool from debris, leaves, and other unwanted particles. This means less time spent on pool maintenance and more time enjoying your oasis.

With a reliable 5-year warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of this solar cover. Midwest Canvas is dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional products that deliver on their promises.

Upgrade your pool experience with the Space Age Aboveground Pool Solar Cover. Enjoy warmer water, reduced heating costs, and a cleaner pool, all while minimizing your impact on the environment. Dive into the future of aboveground pool heating with this innovative and efficient solar cover. Transform your pool into a luxurious haven that you can enjoy throughout the seasons.
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