SolarPill- Solar Blanket in a Pill for Pools up to 12k gallons

2.00 LBS
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The SolarPill is a revolutionary product that will transform the way you maintain your pool. Designed for pools up to 12,000 gallons, this AquaPill #73 Solar Blanket is the ultimate solution to minimize heat loss and reduce evaporation.

The SolarPill works by forming an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the water's surface. This barrier acts as a protective shield, preventing heat and chemicals from escaping through evaporation. This not only helps to retain the warmth of the water, but also reduces the need for frequent chemical adjustments, saving you time and money.

With its patented delivery system, the SolarPill gradually releases the formula into the filtration system, ensuring optimum coverage and maximum effectiveness. Simply place the pill in your pool's skimmer and let it do its magic. No complicated instructions or tedious setup required.

One of the outstanding features of the SolarPill is its versatility. It can be used with all types of pool sanitizers, making it suitable for any pool chemistry. Whether you use chlorine, saltwater, or any other type of sanitizer, rest assured that the SolarPill will work seamlessly with your existing system.

Not only does the SolarPill save you money on energy and chemical costs, but it also helps extend your swimming season. By minimizing heat loss and reducing evaporation, the SolarPill allows you to enjoy your pool for longer periods, even during cooler months.

Each SolarPill lasts up to one month, providing continuous protection and peace of mind. No need to constantly monitor and adjust your pool conditions. Simply replace the pill once it has dissolved completely and continue enjoying the benefits of a perfectly maintained pool.

Invest in the SolarPill today and experience the ease and efficiency of a liquid solar blanket in a convenient pill form. Say goodbye to costly evaporation and hello to a more enjoyable, energy-efficient pool experience. Make your pool the envy of the neighborhood with the SolarPill.
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