Sea Klear 1" Brominating Tablets 1.5 Pound Bottle

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Sea Klear 1" Brominating Tablets

These 1" brominating tablets are a powerful and effective sanitizer similar to chlorine, but are much less irritating to skin and eyes. This pre-stabilized chemical does not require the use of stabilizers or pool water conditioner, which saves money and increases ease of use. Bromine dissolves at a slower rate than chlorine and requires a special automatic feeder.

SeaKlear Spa Brominating Tablets® are an effective and popular means of disinfecting spa and hot tub water. More forgiving in the hot water environment and less susceptible to pH swings. Before using SeaKlear Spa Brominating Tablets in your spa or hot tub for the first time and whenever the spa is drained or refilled, add 1/2 ounce of SeaKlear Spa Sodium Bromide for each 100 gallons of water. This will establish a 30-ppm bromide reserve. Standard Dosage: Introduce 3 tablets per 300 gallons of spa water with the use of a floating tablet feeder or automatic brominator installed on the spa equipment.
Compared to chlorine, bromine is a much more effective sanitizer is a broader range of pH. It also has the ability to be regenerated to its active state with the use of chlorine shocks, non-chlorine shocks or ozone.

Available in 1.5 and 3.5 pound 

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