Dolphin 2x2


SPOTLESS CLEANING FOR OLYMPIC SIZED POOLS Like all the high quality Dolphin cleaners, the 2x2 is a computer-controlled robotic cleaner that spotlessly vacuums and scrubs any shape pool up to 120 feet in length and maneuvers around ladders, drains, and...

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Dolphin 3001


FULLY PROGRAMMABLE CLEANER FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL POOL! This rugged high-tech wall climbing Dolphin 3001 filters an incredible 80 gallons of water per minute and effectively scrubs, cleans and filters up to 4,233 gallons per hour. This robotic unit has its...

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Dolphin HD


POWERFUL COMMERCIAL POOL CLEANER! This rugged computerized robotic dynamo cleans, scrubs, and puts debris in its own strong, self-contained filter system. The Dolphin HD will clean any shape or type of pool up to 60' in length and scrub it free of dirt,...

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