Raypak Ruud M406a ASME Propane Cupro Nickel Heater C-R406A-EP-X

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The Raypak Ruud M406a ASME Propane Cupro Nickel Heater C-R406A-EP-X is a reliable and efficient gas heater designed for both residential and commercial use. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Raypak has become a trusted name in pool and water heaters.

This particular model is ASME certified, meeting the pressure vessel requirements for commercial installations over 200,000 BTUH. It is also certified to the ANSI Z21.56 pool heater standard, ensuring safety and quality.

One of the standout features of this heater is its PolyTuf Textured Powder Coating. The non-corrosive cabinet is coated with a polyester finish, making it more durable than other metal cabinets. Underneath the tough exterior, galvanized metal provides superior rust prevention for years of reliable service.

The heater's wind-resistant design sets it apart from other pool and spa heaters. It is designed to draft naturally and can withstand various outdoor elements, such as leaves, wind, debris, rain, snow, and more. You can expect uninterrupted heating performance no matter what the weather conditions are.

The Raypak heater is available with two different control options to meet your specific requirements. The digital electronic ignition option requires external power and provides easy setup, programming, and diagnostics. The millivolt ignition system, on the other hand, does not require external power and generates its own current internally.

The heater is equipped with cast-iron headers and a copper-fin-tube heat exchanger for strength and efficient heat transfer. It also features a stainless steel tube sheet, ensuring a rust-free waterway for your pool. The included CPVC water connections make installation secure and effortless.

To protect against condensation, the Unitherm Governor inside the header regulates water flow and temperature. This helps prevent condensation, sooting, and scale build-up that can shorten the heater's lifespan. The Raypak gas heater can handle high flow rates of up to 125 GPM, thanks to its automatic bypass.

With a burner tray built to last, this heater can easily be serviced when needed. The stainless steel burners and aluminized metal used in heat-sensitive areas ensure durability and reliability.

Overall, the Raypak Ruud M406a ASME Propane Cupro Nickel Heater C-R406A-EP-X is a high-quality and efficient gas heater that is designed to meet your exact needs. Trust Raypak's years of experience and expertise in the industry to keep your pool or spa heated to your desired temperature.
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