Raypak Ruud M206A 199K BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater

187.00 LBS
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The Raypak Ruud M206A 180K BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater is a high-quality and efficient heating solution for your pool and spa. Designed with advanced features and innovative technology, this heater offers precise temperature control and trouble-free operation.

The microprocessor-controlled thermostat allows you to easily set your desired temperature with a simple press of a button. The digital display provides constant and accurate readings of your pool or spa water temperature, ensuring optimal comfort and enjoyment. With its user-friendly interface, operating this heater is as easy as using a remote control.

Troubleshooting is made easy thanks to the self-diagnostic feature. The on-board diagnostic controls provide real-time information about the heater's performance, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve any issues. This feature saves you valuable time and money by eliminating the need for professional assistance in most cases.

The Raypak Ruud M206A heater is also compatible with most major pool control and remote systems on the market. This means you can integrate it seamlessly into your existing pool control system, providing you with even more convenience and control.

The stainless steel burners used in this heater are not only durable but also self-adjusting. This ensures clean and safe burning, even in the face of gas pressure fluctuations. The smooth light-off technology and removable burner tray make service and maintenance simple and hassle-free.

Designed for outdoor use, the Raypak Ruud M206A heater features a wind-resistant design. Its exclusive low-profile construction allows it to operate efficiently and effectively in windy conditions, without the need for additional fans. This protects the heater from the elements, ensuring uninterrupted heating performance regardless of weather conditions.

The Raypak Ruud M206A heater is built to last. Its rust-free waterways and polymer headers ensure superior durability and longevity. The condensation-free operation and high flow rates further contribute to its reliability and efficiency.

In addition to its outstanding performance, this heater also boasts a sleek and durable design. The PolyTuf textured powder coating provides a non-corrosive finish that resists rust and damage, ensuring years of aesthetic appeal and function.

With its exceptional features and reliable performance, the Raypak Ruud M206A 180K BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater is the perfect heating solution for your pool and spa. Whether you're seeking optimal comfort or looking to extend your swimming season, this heater delivers the performance and reliability you need. Enjoy perfect water temperatures and worry-free operation with this top-of-the-line gas heater.
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