Raypak Ruud M336A 300k BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater

230.00 LBS
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The Raypak Ruud M336A 300k BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater is a high-quality and efficient heating solution for your pool or spa. Made by Raypak, a trusted name in the industry and a subsidiary of Rheem, this gas heater offers a range of features that make it easy to set and maintain your desired water temperature.

The microprocessor-controlled thermostat allows you to precisely set your pool or spa temperature with the touch of a button. The digital display provides a constant readout of your water temperature, making it easy to monitor and adjust as needed. Troubleshooting is made simple with the on-board diagnostic controls, which indicate any problems and their probable causes.

The Raypak Ruud M336A is compatible with most major pool control and remote systems, allowing you to integrate it into your existing setup. With stainless steel burners and a self-adjusting design, the heater ensures clean and safe burning at all times. The soft-opening gas valve provides a smooth turn-on, eliminating any worries about hard light.

The heater's wind-resistant design allows it to operate effectively even in windy conditions, without the need for additional fans. The polytuf textured powder coating on the cabinet provides a durable and non-corrosive finish that will last for years. The heater also features condensation-free operation and rust-free waterways, with polymer headers and an integral copper fin tube heat exchanger.

For added protection against aggressive water chemistry, an optional cupro-nickel fin tube heat exchanger is available. The Raypak Ruud M336A is also compatible with a power vent feature, which is useful for equipment rooms or unusual venting configurations.

With its high-quality construction, advanced features, and reliable performance, the Raypak Ruud M336A 300k BTU Pool and Spa Propane Gas Heater is a top choice for heating your pool or spa. It is backed by Raypak's ISO 9001 registered manufacturing process and CSA certification, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of perfectly heated water with this exceptional gas heater from Raypak.
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