Rainbow In-Line Chlorine Feeder #320 R171096

5.00 LBS
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The Rainbow In-Line Chlorine Feeder #320 R171096 is the perfect addition to your pool or spa maintenance routine. With its advanced features and efficient design, this automatic chlorine/bromine feeder will ensure that your water stays clean and safe for swimming all season long.

One of the standout features of this feeder is its ability to prevent escaping gases. Unlike other feeders on the market, the Rainbow In-Line Chlorine Feeder #320 R171096 keeps the chlorine or bromine contained, preventing any fumes or gases from entering the surrounding environment. This not only provides a safer swimming experience but also eliminates any unpleasant odors that are commonly associated with pool chemicals.

Additionally, this feeder is NSF Listed, meaning it meets the highest standards for quality and safety. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pool or spa is being treated with a product that has been thoroughly tested and approved.

Operating at a maximum pressure of 50 PSI, this in-line feeder is designed for permanent installation in both new and existing pools or spas. It can be easily installed in the return line on the pressure side of the pump, downstream of all other equipment. The feeder comes standard with 2-inch slip PVC fittings, making it compatible with most plumbing systems.

One of the greatest advantages of the Rainbow In-Line Chlorine Feeder #320 R171096 is its completely enclosed system. This means that no special venting is required, eliminating any additional installation requirements or complications. The feeder has a storage capacity of 11 large or 98 small bromine or slow-dissolving trichlor tablets, making it suitable for treating pools or spas ranging from 6500 to 27000 gallons.

Invest in the Rainbow In-Line Chlorine Feeder #320 R171096 and enjoy crystal-clear water without the hassle of manually adding chlorine or bromine. This efficient and reliable feeder will streamline your pool or spa maintenance routine, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your refreshing oasis.
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