PoolTux Above Ground Winter Cover 20 Year Warranty

25.00 LBS
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PoolTux Above Ground Winter Covers
Emperor Cover


Above Ground Winter Covers

  • Triple laminated polyethylene with heat sealed seams for added strength and durability
  • Woven polyethylene core with heavy duty ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors
  • Two non-rusting one inch (1") aluminum grommets every three feet
  • Cover edges have a sewn-in polypropylene cord for added reinforcement
  • Covers sewn with commercial grade thread for maximum strength
  • Vinyl coated steel lock-down cable
  • Non-rusting deluxe aluminum cable winch
  • Our covers have a tighter weave and more fabric per square yard than the competitors' covers for superior wear and longevity

    Emperor CoverEmperor CoverEmperor Cover

Why not cover your pool for the winter rather than having to do all that messy cleaning in the spring? A winter pool cover will prevent leaves, dirt, and debris from entering your pool this winter. With a winter pool cover, you will avoid that inconvenient spring clean-up caused by rain, snow, ice, and algae which can easily form in an uncovered pool.

Our covers are made to last using triple laminated polyethylene and heat sealed seams for added strength and durability. Covers are sewn with commercial grade thread for maximum strength with no rust aluminum grommets and material water tube loops on in ground covers. Our woven polyethylene core has heavy duty ultraviolet inhibitors for lasting protection against sun degradation.

PoolTux covers are made with the tightest scrim in the industry, exceeding ASTM industry standards. The scrim is the weave tightness in the underlying thread construction. The higher the scrim number, the better the quality of the winter pool cover. If you want the best, buy a cover that's been tested year after year and proven to stand up to the harshest winters. They are built to withstand the elements and our no hassle warranty is there to stand behind it. Nobody protects more pools.

Emperor Cover

Emperor Cover

Our top of the line cover has a 4 Foot Overlap and will give you maximum performance year after year. 20 year no hassle warranty with THREE YEARS COVERED AT 100%.



King Cover

King Cover

Our King covers have a 3 Foot Overlap and is an exceptional cover giving you greater longevity and superior wear performance. 10 year no hassle warranty with ONE YEAR COVERED AT 100%.



Royal CoverRoyal Cover

While other covers are thin and flimsy, our Royal cover has a 3 Foot Overlap and the quality of more expensive covers. 8 Year no hassle warranty with ONE YEAR IS COVERED AT 100%.



PoolTux Winter Covers:     
  Royal King Emperor
Weave 8x8 unbound 11x11 unbound 11x11 unbound
Grams per Square Meter 86 140 140
Onzes per Square Yard 2.35 4.1 4.1
Weave Count (scrim)      
Warp 8 11 11
Fill 8 11 11
Carbon Black % Tape Loading 4% 4% 4%
Denier Tapes 800 800 800
Coating Thickness 30 Micron 35 Micron 35 Micron
Overall Thickness 5 Mils 8mils 8mils
Tensile Strength 60W/70F 100W/100F 100W/100F
ASTM D-5034-90 - Warp/Fill      
Tear Strength 18W/13F 28W/20F 28W/20F
Cold Crack -40 Degrees F -40 Degrees F -40 Degrees F
UV Resistance - 2000 hours 80% Original 80% Original 80% Original
Color (Top/Bottom) Blue/Black Green/Black Silver/Black
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