Air Pillows

Air Pillows

Air Pillows

Air pillows are an essential and effective solution to protect and preserve your pool during the winter months. Designed to withstand freezing temperatures and heavy water pressure, these innovative air pillows provide a cushioning effect that safeguards your pool walls and prevents damage caused by ice expansion.

One of the primary functions of air pillows is to absorb the pressure exerted by freezing water. As temperatures drop, water in your pool can freeze and expand, creating intense pressure on your pool walls. Without proper protection, this pressure can cause cracks, leaks, or even structural damage. By placing an air pillow in your pool, you create a barrier that absorbs and distributes the water pressure, significantly reducing the risk of any harm to your pool walls.

In addition to protecting your pool structure, air pillows also provide additional benefits. They act as a barrier that prevents excess rain, snow, and leaves from accumulating on your winter cover. This not only keeps your pool cover clean and free from debris but also makes the process of opening your pool in the spring much more manageable. By minimizing the build-up of water and debris on your cover, air pillows simplify maintenance, ultimately saving you time and effort.

Within this category, you can find a range of air pillows designed to suit various pool sizes and needs. The Winter Air Pillow 4' x 5' with a 12 mil thickness offers a reliable and durable solution for smaller pools, ensuring excellent protection throughout the winter season. For larger pools, the Winter Air Pillow 4' x 8' 16-Gauge option provides enhanced strength and stability.

For those with extra-large pools, the Winter Air Pillow 4' x 15' 16-Gauge is specifically designed to withstand heavy pressure in larger pool sizes. Additionally, the Winter Air Pillow 4' x 8' 16-Gauge 3 pack option is ideal for pool owners looking for a cost-effective solution or those who want to have a spare air pillow on hand.

When it comes to preserving the integrity of your pool during the winter months, air pillows are a reliable and essential investment. Their ability to absorb water pressure, reduce debris accumulation, and simplify pool maintenance sets them apart as an indispensable accessory for any pool owner. Ensure the longevity of your pool and savor a stress-free opening season by choosing high-quality air pillows from our wide range of options.