Polaris SpaWand Spa Cleaner

10.00 LBS
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Clean your spa, pool steps, swimouts and

other small bodies of water without hoses or hookups.

The Patented SpaWand® is great for quick touch-up cleanings around your pool and spa.  A simple and effective hand-held device that quickly cleans you spa, pools steps or swimouts without the need for hoses or hookups.

Comes ready to use with two different nozzle attachments that have three specific uses.  The Dual Purpose Nozzle fits directly onto the SpaWand® End-Cap and flips to become a narrow or a bell end.  The Wide Sweep Nozzle fits over the narrow end of the Dual Purpose Nozzle.

The SpaWand® operates by drawing in debris and water as you pull the handle.  When you push the handle in, the water flows out and dirt, silt, and debris are trapped inside the filter. 

One Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty






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