Pentair Whisperflo Intelliflo Go-Kit32 Gasket Kit

2.00 LBS
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  • Pentair Pentair Whisperflo Intelliflo Go-Kit32 Gasket Kit
  •  Pentair Whisperflo Intelliflo Go-Kit32 Gasket Kit


The Pentair WhisperFlo Intelliflo Go-Kit32 Gasket Kit is an essential product for anyone who owns a WhisperFlo or Intelliflo pump. This kit includes everything you need to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your pump.

Firstly, the kit includes a Seal Plate O-ring. This O-ring plays a crucial role in preventing any leaks from occurring around the seal plate of the pump. By providing a tight and secure seal, it allows the pump to function efficiently and effectively.

Next, the kit features a Diffuser O-ring. This O-ring is responsible for sealing the diffuser in place, preventing any water from leaking out. With a reliable and durable Diffuser O-ring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pump is operating smoothly without any unnecessary water loss.

In addition, the kit contains an Impeller O-ring. This O-ring ensures that the impeller is properly sealed, preventing any leaks or air from entering the pump system. By maintaining a proper seal, the Impeller O-ring ensures that the pump's performance is optimized, resulting in efficient water circulation.

Furthermore, the kit includes a Pump Seal, an essential component for maintaining the integrity of the pump. This seal is designed to prevent water from leaking and causing potential damage to the motor or other internal parts of the pump. By replacing the Pump Seal with the one included in the kit, you can effectively extend the lifespan of your pump.

Lastly, the kit comes with a Lid O-Ring. This O-ring is responsible for creating a tight seal on the pump lid, ensuring that no water or debris can enter the pump chamber. With a reliable Lid O-ring, you can avoid any potential contamination while also maintaining the optimal efficiency of your pump.

Overall, the Pentair WhisperFlo Intelliflo Go-Kit32 Gasket Kit is a must-have for any WhisperFlo or Intelliflo pump owner. With all the necessary components to maintain a tight and reliable seal, this kit provides peace of mind, reliable performance, and helps prolong the life of your pump.
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