Pentair EQK Commercial Series 5HP 3 Phase Pump

167.00 LBS
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The Pentair EQK Commercial Series 5HP 3 Phase Pump is a powerful and efficient pump designed specifically for commercial and large residential pools. This pump is built with extraordinary electrical and hydraulic efficiency, resulting in low electrical costs and less wear and tear on critical moving parts. Not only does it provide exceptional performance, but it also operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful pool environment.

One of the standout features of this pump is its Nema Premium Grade Efficiency Motors, which further enhance its energy efficiency. This means that you can enjoy a powerful and effective pump without worrying about high electricity bills. Additionally, the pump is constructed with commercial-grade, non-corrosive plastic parts, ensuring durability and long life.

The Pentair EQK Commercial Series Pump also boasts a cam and ramp see-through lid, allowing for easy inspection and maintenance. With its self-priming capabilities and hair and lint strainer, this pump makes clean-up a breeze. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install and maneuver, while its compatibility with the Acu Drive XS VFD makes it a versatile option for any pool system.

This pump is available in a variety of models, including the EQK500, EQK750, and EQK1000, with different voltage, amps, and horsepower options to suit your specific needs. It is also NSF3 certified, ensuring that it meets the highest standards in terms of safety and performance.

Whether you have a commercial pool or a large residential pool, the Pentair EQK Commercial Series 5HP 3 Phase Pump is an excellent choice. With its exceptional efficiency, durability, and ease of use, this pump will provide you with years of reliable service and ensure that your pool is always in top condition.
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