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Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Liquid

36.00 LBS
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Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Liquid

Liquid Salt Water Magic Benefits:

  • Removes phosphates & organic contaminants
  • Reduces organic & phosphate build-up on generator cell
  • Generator run time reduced by up to 50% less
  • Greatly reduces amount of acid added to pool

Liquid Salt Water Magic is designed for use both at Chlorine Generator System Start-Up and as part of the Monthly Maintenance Kit.


Salt Water Magic removes the limiting nutrient for algae growth (phosphates) and     organic contaminants from pool water. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth...guaranteed!* Reducing organic contaminants from pool water increases filter efficiency, reduces odors, waterline build-up and optimizes chlorine generator performance.


Salt Water Magic products contain revolutionary technology,  specifically engineered for pools using chlorine generators. This easy to use multi-mineral system simplifies start-up and allows your generator to work as designed.  By providing the perfect pool water environment continually, your generator works less and also more efficiently. The result is longer generator life and the highest water quality possible. Natural Chemistry takes the guesswork out of pool maintenance.

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