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Natural Chemistry Phosphate Test Kit

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Natural Chemistry Phosphate Test Kit

Natural Chemistry's new 30 second Phosphate Test Kit allows customers to check their own pools for phosphate levels. It is accurate and easy to read!


Remember, keeping phosphates near zero is THE KEY part of Natural Chemistry's 'Algae-Free Program'.


Normal sanitization will prevent algae growth - Guaranteed.


ORTHOPHOSPHATES (which this kit measures) are the limiting nutrient for algae growth. Without phosphates algae cannot grow, so controlling phosphates in your pool is very important. Phosphates occur everywhere in the environment. Sources include; runoff, leaves, vegetation, fertilizers, rain, dust, people, animals, and many other sources.


Fortunately, phosphates can be easily controlled by:


1) Testing frequently, especially in the spring and fall to monitor phosphate levels.


2) Removing phosphates (depending on range) as shown below to keep phosphates below 100 ppb.


3) Use Pool Perfect+PHOSfree weekly following label instructions to maintain phosphate levels near zero.

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