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Natural Chemistry METALfree 1 Liter Bottle

30.00 LBS
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Natural Chemistry METALfree

Deactivate Metals: Quickly and easily chelates metals (iron, copper, and other trace metals) without adding any phosphates that contribute to algae growth. It is not affected by pH or temperature. Prevents stains and water discoloration.

Deactivates Metals in Pool Water Without Adding Phosphates

Metal Free contains one of the strongest and most effective chelating agents available for deactivating metals in pools.

When used as directed, Metal Free:

  • deactivates iron, copper, and other trace metals that can affect water clarity and stain pool surfaces.
  • not affected by extremes of pH and temperature.
  • will not add phosphates to the pool.
  • will not damage landscaping around the pool.

  • Metal Free cannot be used with a clarifier. The polymers in both products are negatively charged; they will repel one another and cause cloudy water.
  • You can use Metal Free with Clear because it is chitosan based product and does not contain Polymers.
  • Color is clear to amber liquid
  • Add 1 Liter treats 20,000 gallons of water around the perimeter of pool...not in the skimmer
  • Maintenance dose- 4 oz per 10,000 gallons weekly
  • Do not spill on deck or coping
  • Metalfree will treat 1 ppm of metal content per 10,000 gallons of water
  • Can swim immediately after use
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