MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa

280.00 LBS
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  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa
  •  MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa


Introducing the MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa - the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. With its elegant and modern dark walnut finish, this spa adds a touch of sophistication to any space. But don't let its stylish design fool you, this spa is also incredibly portable, making it perfect for those who want a traditional spa experience without the hassle of a fixed body hot tub.

Immerse yourself in a 360-degree bubble massage with variable intensity, providing the ultimate relaxation experience. And to enhance your comfort, the MSpa Tribeca comes with included headrests and seat cushions, so you can truly relax and unwind in style.

But that's not all, setting up this spa is a breeze with its easy assembly and plug-and-play side panels that require only four simple screws, no tools needed. This makes it ideal for any home or apartment without access to move a fixed hot tub over the roof.

The MSpa Tribeca is not only luxurious but also prioritizes safety. With a built-in children safety lock, you can a have peace of mind while enjoying your spa time. And with its timer function, you can set the spa to be ready whenever you want, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying.

Measuring 70.9 inches in width and 26 inches in height, this spa can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. And with a water capacity of 304 gallons when filled to the max water line, you can truly immerse yourself in a full spa experience.

Equipped with a control system that runs on 110-120V/60Hz, a 1350W built-in heater, and a powerful 1100W jet pump, this spa delivers a constant flow of heated water for the ultimate relaxation. And with 140 massage air jets and a water heat increasing rate of 1.5-2.2°F per hour, you can enjoy your spa experience for as long as you want.

But don't worry about maintenance, as the MSpa Tribeca also features a filter pump that circulates water flow of 545 gallons per hour. And with a maximum water temperature of 104°F, you can enjoy a warm and cozy spa session in any weather.

This MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa comes packaged in three color paper boxes, measuring 26.8" x 21.7" x 20.9", 54.3" x 24" x 12.6", and 54.3" x 24" x 9.1". So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience with the MSpa Tribeca Square Frame Bubble Spa.


  • HEADREST & BACKREST: For your comfort
  • TIMER FUNCTION - LESS WAITING, MORE ENJOYEMENT: To get the warm & cozy MSpa just ready when you want it
  • CHILDREN SAFETY LOCK: The entire line of MSpa is equipped with the children safety lock
  • SIZE & WEIGHT: Height: 26" | Width: 70.9" | Net Weight: 227.1 lb | Filled Weight: 2762 lb
  • COLOR: Outer Liner: Dark Walnut | Inner Liner: Cloudy White
  • SEATING CAPACITY: Upto 6 adults
  • WATER CAPACITY: Filled to the Max. Water Line - 304 Gal
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: 110-120V/60Hz
  • MASSAGE AIR JET: 700W-3 levels (300W, 450W, 700W)
  • JET PUMP: 1100W
  • HEAT INCREASING RATE: 1.5-2.2°F/hour, use timer function for pre-preparation.
  • FILTER PUMP: Circulated Water Flow - 545 Gal/hr
  • PACKAGING: 3 Color Paper Boxes: 26.8" x 21.7" x 20.9" | 54.3" x 24" x 12.6" | 54.3" x 24" x 9.1"
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