Harmsco Stainless Steel Pool Filter HUR 90

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The Harmsco Stainless Steel Pool Filter HUR 90 is a revolutionary filtration system that more than doubles the performance of any comparable cartridge filter. This compact filter combines a centrifugal separator and an up flow cartridge filter into one design, making installation, removal, and service a breeze.

What sets the Harmsco Hurricane filter apart is its ability to separate dense solids prior to cartridge filtration. This not only extends the filter's lifespan but also increases its dirt holding capacity, reducing maintenance costs in the long run. By combining proven technologies with innovative design, the Harmsco Hurricane filter has become the benchmark of swimming pool filtration.

The unique tangential inlet nipple allows for pressurized water from the pump to be close-coupled with minimal head loss. The flow stream then accelerates rotationally, creating a cyclone separation that acts as a prefilter. The water rises upward into the inner chamber, where rotational forces collide with the angled pleats of the cartridge media. As the flow orbits the cartridge, it continuously flutters the pleats, ensuring debris is distributed evenly over 100% of the media, eliminating blind spots.

The result is a cartridge that only needs to be cleaned one-third as often as conventional filters of the same size. The Supertuffilters can capture particles ranging from 20 microns down to 3-5 microns, ensuring crystal clear pool water.

The HUR 90 model has a maximum flow rate of 90 GPM, making it suitable for pools up to 22,300 gallons in size. With a filter area of 90 sq.ft. and a filter height of 31 inches, this filter provides efficient and effective filtration. The compact size of 15" x 15" ensures it won't take up much floor space. The inlet and outlet pipe size is 2" NPT, while the drain pipe size is 1" NPT.

Harmsco, founded in 1958, has been a leader in the water filtering industry. They introduced the patented Up-Flow Cartridge Filters in 1968, which quickly gained recognition for their advantages. In 1992, the Hurricane filters were introduced and became an overnight success. Today, Harmsco continues to innovate and grow, offering high-quality filtration products through a global network of distributors.

Choose the Harmsco Stainless Steel Pool Filter HUR 90 for unmatched performance, extended filter life, and reduced maintenance costs. Experience the difference in pool filtration with Harmsco's trusted products.
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