Harmsco Stainless Steel Pool Filter HUR 40

40.00 LBS
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Harmsco Hurricane Filter Housing with Supertuf Cartridge



Combination centrifugal separator and up flow cartridge filter in a single compact design with one single cartridge for easy installation, removal and service.  

Harmsco Hurricane filters provide unsurpassed performance because they separate dense solids prior to cartridge filtration for extended filter life, increased dirt holding capacity and reduced maintenance costs.  By combining two proven technologies and one new technology, Harmsco has created a line of swimming pool filters that is the benchmark of swimming pool filtration.

  • Pressurized water from the pump can be close coupled, with a minimum of head loss, into the tangential inlet nipple.
  • The flow stream accelerates rotationally to develop a cyclone separation, efficiently acting as a prefilter.
  • Water rises upward into the inner chamber where rotational forces collide with cartridge media, pleated at an angle toward the rotational flow.
  • As the flow orbits the cartridge, it continuously flutters the pleats, distributing debris evenly over 100% of the media, thus eliminating blind spots.

Result: a cartridge that needs to be cleaned one third as often as conventional filters of the same size!  Supertuffilters from 20 microns down to 3-5 microns.


Max Flow Rate

Max Pool Size

Filter Area

Filter Height

Floor Space

Pipe Size Inlet/Outlet

Pipe Size Drain

Shipping Weight

HUR 40

40 GPM

10,000 gal

40 sq.ft.


15” x 15”

2” NPT

1” NPT

40 lbs.

HUR 90

90 GPM

22,300 gal

90 sq.ft.


15” x 15”

2” NPT

1” NPT

51 lbs.

HUR 170

170 GPM

32,000 gal

170 sq.ft.


15” x 15”

2” NPT

1” NPT

64 lbs.


Harmsco was founded in 1958 by John Harms soon after he and his family relocated to Florida from the State of Ohio. At the time the company's primary assets were John's experience in the liquid filtration industry, his unique Up-Flow filter design, wife Laura's trustworthy assistance and John's resolve to manufacture high quality filtration equipment and market them worldwide.

Harmsco Up-Flow Cartridge Filters were patented and introduced to the market in 1968. Almost immediately, people in the filtration industry took note of the many advantages Harmsco Filters provide. As a result, sales began to accelerate.

In 1972 we developed a complete line of filter cartridges to market with Harmsco filter housings. John Harms wasn't satisfied, however, with conventional filter cartridges that provide marginal performance. John pioneered pleated polyester filter cartridges, which outperform conventional cartridges by lowering filtration costs. In 1991, Harold (Hank) Harms II was elected President of Harmsco, Inc. During Hank's tenure as President and owner, there have been significant developments: Hurricane filters were introduced in 1992 and became an overnight success; marketing activities have been accelerated; expansion has been made to plant and facilities; as well as the addition of 90,000 square feet in Lake Wales, FL.

Today, we are a market leader in the water filtering industry. Our products are marketed through an extensive network of distributors located worldwide, and our dedication to research and development is ongoing, so our growth will continue into the 21st century.

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