Go-Kit66-9 for Northstar pump

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The Go-Kit66-9 for the Northstar pump is the ultimate solution for maintaining and enhancing the performance of your Hayward Northstar pump 4000 series (prior 2003). This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of your pump.

The kit includes five essential O-rings that are designed to fit perfectly with your Northstar pump. First in the lineup is the 1-O-83 Union O-Ring, which provides a tight seal for the union connections. Followed by the 1-O-239 Seal Plate O-Ring, which prevents any leaks from occurring at the seal plate. The 1-O-246 Diffuser O-Ring ensures that the diffuser is securely in place while preventing any water from escaping. The 1-O-504 Strainer Cover O-Ring guarantees a watertight seal on the strainer cover, preventing debris from entering the pump. Lastly, the 1-AS-201 Seal, which acts as a replacement for the original mechanical seal, ensuring optimal performance.

With the Go-Kit66-9, you can easily replace these essential parts, ensuring that your pump operates at its best. Each O-ring is crafted with high-quality materials to guarantee durability and longevity. The precise construction ensures a perfect fit, eliminating any potential leaks or performance issues.

Not only does the Go-Kit66-9 offer exceptional performance, but it also provides convenience. Instead of having to search for each individual part separately, this kit offers all the necessary components in one package. You can save time, effort, and money by having everything you need in one easy-to-use kit.

By regularly replacing these essential O-rings, you can extend the lifespan of your pump and maintain its efficiency. Whether you are a professional pool technician or a homeowner who takes pride in maintaining their pool, the Go-Kit66-9 is the perfect solution for all your Northstar pump needs.

Invest in the Go-Kit66-9 for the Hayward Northstar pump 4000 series (prior 2003) and experience improved performance, reliable operation, and peace of mind knowing that your pump is equipped with the best quality O-rings available.
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