Endless Summer New Orleans Tabletop Portable Outdoor Electric Heater

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Do not let cold temperatures keep you from enjoying your patio or backyard when the temperatures turn cool. This portable outdoor patio heater can be placed on any tabletop where there is a standard 120 volt grounded outlet nearby.  The lamp provides warmth for an area up to 12 feet in diameter. The soft light it gives off is very energy efficient.  It also features an automatic shut off tilt switch providing the security of knowing that the heater will shut itself off if the lamp is tilted. It has 8 feet of cord, weather resistant hardware, and requires a 1200 watt halogen bulb that is equivalent to approximately 4.095 BTUs. Perfect for your outdoor patio area, deck, balcony, backyard, or poolside. The lamp can also be used to add warmth and a decorative touch to any indoor space.

•Heats up to a 12 foot circle
•Uses a standard 120 volt grounded outlet
•1200w halogen bulb (Equivalent to approximately 4,095 BTUs)
•Safety tilt switch
•6 feet of cord
•Weather resistant hardware
•Simple assembly
•Dimensions: 19.5" L x 19.5" W x 34.5" H
•1 year limited warranty
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