Lifeguard Purification

Electronic Copper-Silver Ion Purifier Mineralizer M411B

4.00 LBS
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The Electronic Copper-Silver Ion Purifier Mineralizer M411B is your solution to keeping your spa or small fountain clean and pure. This kit includes everything you need to effectively purify up to 2,000 gallons of water.

Using NASA technology, the M411B generates a safe low voltage DC current that conducts electrolysis in the chamber. This process releases positively charged copper and silver ions, which are natural toxins for algae, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike chlorine, which burns up organic compounds, copper/silver ions poison and kill contaminants without any harmful effects on the human body.

With the M411B, you can enjoy the highest water quality you've ever experienced. A low dosage of chlorine, bleach, or non-chlorine granular shock is only needed once a week to keep the pool sanitized. This chlorine "shock" will burn off quickly, leaving you with water that is free from chemicals and filled with refreshing natural minerals.

Not only does the M411B provide a safer and healthier way to purify your spa or small fountain, but it also saves you money. By reducing your chemical costs and consuming a minimal amount of electricity, this system is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Installation is a breeze, with the controller mounting easily and the ion chamber fitting into a PVC pipe. Simply plug in the UL rated transformer power supply into a GFCI protected 110VAC outlet, and you're ready to enjoy crystal clear water.

Experience the benefits of ionized water - refreshingly clean and natural-smelling, soft to the touch, with a glistening look and a sweet, smooth taste. With the M411B, you can create a pool that is clean enough to drink, with live fish and aquatic animals able to thrive.

Say goodbye to chlorinated water and its negative effects on your health. The M411B offers a revolutionary way to purify your water, keeping it safe, pure, and enjoyable for everyone. Say hello to a new era of pool purification with the Electronic Copper-Silver Ion Purifier Mineralizer M411B.
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