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Easy Entry Step 36" Above Ground Pool Steps

62.00 LBS
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The Easy Entry Step 36" Above Ground Pool Steps are the perfect addition to any above ground pool. Whether you have a large family, are a larger swimmer yourself, or have physical challenges, these steps are designed to provide easy entry and exit from your pool.

The 36" tread width of these steps ensures that anyone can comfortably use them. With the wider design, family members can even sit side by side on the steps, making it a great gathering spot for poolside chats. The handrails on both sides of the steps provide added support and stability, allowing individuals to easily pull themselves up and out of the pool.

Not only are these steps designed for functionality, they are also built to last. Made from premium structural grade materials, they offer superior strength-to-weight performance and stability. These steps can withstand up to 350 lbs, ensuring that they are sturdy enough for a variety of users.

Assembly is quick and easy, thanks to the simple design of these steps. The No-Swim Zone and Flow-Thru step design allow for easy water flow, preventing any stagnation and keeping the steps clean. The dual handrails provide added safety and security, giving you peace of mind when using the steps.

These Easy Entry Steps can be used to connect to a new or pre-existing deck, making it a versatile option for any pool setup. And if you want a complete entry and exit system, you can combine them with the #200700 Smart Choice Ladder.

Please note that the picture shown includes the optional Smart Lite, which is not included with the Easy Entry Steps but can be purchased separately.

In conclusion, the Easy Entry Step 36" Above Ground Pool Steps are a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and secure way to enter and exit their pool. With their wide tread, handrails, and durable construction, these steps provide the perfect solution for all pool users.
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