Fire Sense

Copper Rail Fire Pit

40.00 LBS
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  • Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit
  • Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit
  • Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit
  • Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit


The Copper Rail Fire Pit is a stunning addition to any outdoor space, combining functionality and sophistication. The 27.5" fire bowl is crafted from durable steel and finished with an antique bronze paint, giving it a worn and rustic appearance. The intricate weave pattern on the fire bowl adds an interesting and eye-catching detail.

What sets this fire pit apart is the elegant copper finish on its outer rails. This feature adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the overall design, making it a statement piece in any backyard or patio. The copper rails not only enhance the visual appeal of the fire pit, but they also provide a convenient surface for resting beverages or snacks while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Safety is a top priority, which is why the Copper Rail Fire Pit includes a mesh fire screen with high heat paint. This screen ensures that embers and sparks are contained, preventing any potential accidents. The powder-coated legs offer stability and durability, ensuring that the fire pit remains steady and secure, even in windy conditions.

To maximize convenience and ease of use, this fire pit comes with a screen lift tool. This tool allows you to safely and effortlessly lift and remove the fire screen when adding logs or adjusting the fire. With this tool, you can maintain the fire without worrying about getting too close to the heat.

Whether you are hosting a gathering with friends and family or simply want to unwind after a long day, the Copper Rail Fire Pit provides the perfect ambiance and warmth. Its unique design, featuring an antique bronze fire bowl and elegant copper rails, sets it apart from other fire pits on the market. With its included fire screen and screen lift tool, safety and convenience are guaranteed. Enhance your outdoor space with the Copper Rail Fire Pit and create memorable moments around a cozy fire.
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