Climate Shield Universal Pool Heat Pump Cover

3.00 LBS
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The Climate Shield pool heat pump cover is made of a high quality durable vinyl exterior that resists tears and UV damage from sunlight. Climate Shield protects the heater from rain, sprinkler systems, ice, snow, leaves and other debris. The non-woven interior lining does not retain moisture and prevents condensation. The generous fit of the cover allows plenty of air flow which results in a clean, dry heater. A Velcro seam allows easy installation and removal, fitting nicely around water header plumbing without having to disconnect or remove any piping. Climate Shield manufactures high quality pool heater covers that protect your expensive equipment from damaging and efficiency hampering debris. During the fall and early spring, trees are shedding an abundance of leaves, twigs, seeds and pine needles which lay inside your heater trapping moisture. In the winter, rain, snow and ice accumulate in, on and around your heater. During these times of the year, when problems are at their peak, your heater will be properly covered and protected. In warmer climates, use the Climate Shield heater cover during extended periods of non-use. In the summer it can be used to protect the heater from sprinkler systems, the sun and salt water spray.


    • One size fits all
    • Easy to install
    • Works with existing plumbing no need to disconnect plumbing or heater parts
    • Cinch drawstrings, elastic seams, Velcro seams & adjustment straps for a perfect fit
    • Not legal for sale in California
    • Lined interior to wick away moisture
    • Extends the life of your equipment


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