Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair

15.00 LBS
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  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair
  •  Aqwarana Aqwaseat Poolside Chair


Welcome to the world of Aqwaseat – the ultimate poolside essential! Our stunning and ergonomic design will elevate your pool experience to a whole new level. Picture yourself lounging in your pool, sipping on your favorite refreshing drink, and basking in the warm sun while being cradled by the luxurious contours of the Aqwaseat.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect spot for pure relaxation and blissful moments. With the Aqwaseat, you can stay cool in your pool while indulging in sheer joy and comfort. It's the perfect addition to your pool oasis – whether you're soaking up the sun or simply unwinding after a long day.

So why settle for a regular poolside chair when you can have the ultimate poolside essential – the Aqwaseat. Treat yourself to luxurious comfort and elevate your pool experience today! So go ahead, indulge in the luxurious comfort of the Aqwaseat and make your poolside oasis even more inviting and relaxing. Your personal paradise awaits with the Aqwaseat by your side. Keep cool, relax, and enjoy the blissful moments in your pool with the Aqwaseat – the ultimate poolside essential. Your perfect relaxation spot is just a seat away! So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Aqwaseat and elevate your pool experience to a whole new level of comfort and style. Happy lounging!


330 Pound Weight Limit

Available in Bermuda Blue or Sandy White



How does the AQWASEAT stay in place?

The revolutionary top grip in combination with the two feet and your own body weight keeps the seat in place. The gills on both end corners of the seat helps the AQWASEAT easily sink into the water.

Can I use the AQWASEAT on all above ground pools?

Yes, AQWASEAT is developed for most above ground pool sides like steel frame, glass or wide borders.Can I use the AQWASEAT with in-ground pools?

Yes, using the included Aqwagrip, this can be installed with in-ground pools. The AQWAGRIP is attached to the pool side with a special designed ‘water proof’ adhesive paste strip. The shape of the grip has soft round edges and can be
removed when necessary.

Is the AQWASEAT easy to move around?

Yes, the AQWASEAT was designed for easy removal leaving total pool capacity for other swimming activities.

Will the colour of the AQWASEAT stay the same after a few years?

No, because of the effect of UV radiation and sunlight plus the chemicals added to the pool water, the AQWASEAT colour will fade slightly over the years. The effect depends on the amount of years, days and hours in which the AQWASEAT is exposed to effects mentioned above.

Despite the usage of UV stabilizers to prevent the product colour to fade, extensive exposure to sunlight can cause colour degradation. Please store your Aqwaseat inside when it is not used.

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Warranty Information

We offer a Two-Year Warranty covering any defect in materials or workmanship. If your product becomes defective within the warranty term, contact our customer service by email
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