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AO Smith STS1152R 1.5 HP 2 speed replacement motor

35.00 LBS
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The A.O. Smith STS1152R 1.5 HP 2 speed replacement motor is a high-quality and efficient motor designed for swimming pools. With its rugged construction and a wide range of ratings, this motor is the leading choice of both swimming pool professionals and homeowners.

This motor is full rated, which means it provides the power of a 1.5 horsepower motor, ensuring efficient and effective operation of your pool. Whether you have a small backyard pool or a large commercial pool, this motor is capable of handling the job.

The 2 speed feature of this motor allows you to easily adjust the speed of your pool pump according to your specific needs. It provides you with the flexibility to choose between high and low speeds, allowing for more control and customization of your pool's circulation and filtration system. This can result in energy savings and improved performance.

Energy efficiency is a key feature of the A.O. Smith STS1152R motor. It operates on 230 volts, ensuring efficient power consumption while delivering the necessary power to keep your pool running smoothly. This not only helps to reduce your energy bills but also minimizes the impact on the environment.

Installation of this replacement motor is quick and easy, making it a convenient choice for both professionals and homeowners. It is designed to fit seamlessly into most existing pool pump systems, eliminating the need for major modifications or upgrades. Simply replace your old motor with the A.O. Smith STS1152R and experience improved performance and reliability.

In summary, the A.O. Smith STS1152R 1.5 HP 2 speed replacement motor is a rugged and energy-efficient option for your swimming pool. With its full rated power, 2 speed feature, and easy installation, it is the leading choice for both professionals and homeowners seeking to enhance the performance of their pool. Invest in this reliable motor and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient, and enjoyable swimming experience.
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