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A- Frame Above Ground Pool Adjustable Ladder Confer Plastics 7000

59.00 LBS
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A- Frame Adjustable Ladder Model #7000 Eliminator by Confer Plastics

* This Ladder fits 48" to 54" aboveground pools: Adjustability is made by simply moving side braces up or down depending on pool height.
* Heavy duty construction: Unique one piece handrail/leg design will hold 300lbs.
* Five evenly spaced steps make climbing the ladder easier:  Most other adjustable ladders increase the space between the bottom step and the next step when installed in a 53" or 54" pool.
* Outer steps swing up and lock into upright position:  Some building inspectors now require this instead of a lift-off ladder section.
* No sand required; just fill with water to prevent floating. Most other ladders use a bag filled with sand.
* Converts to an inpool ladder with optional CK100 Kit: Just cut ladder to desired length.
* Two tone color: white and grey: Complements today's pools
* Competitively priced: Compare all of our features with other manufacturers' ladders.
* Safety first: Ladder now comes complete with a padlock for added safety benefit.
* # 7000-EXT Extension kit available for 56" tall pools.
* Features an anti-entrapment barrier
* Weight guideline: 300 lbs.
* Treads measure 5" x 18" wide.

Anti-Entrapment Barrier Included

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