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The Natural Hot Tub Company all natural start up kit

The Natural Hot Tub Company all natural start up kit spa treatment it's the natural solution.


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    All Natural Start Up Kit Spa Treatment It's The Natural Solution

    The Natural Hot Tub Company® The Most Luxurious Spa Treatment In the World.


    Start Up Kit



           •  (1) PENETRATING CLEANSER

           •  (1) FILTER SOAK




          • EASY MAINTANENCE!!!!!  


    Ordering a Start Up Kit is the perfect way to begin using The Natural Hot Tub Co. it's the natural solution.

    The Start Up Kit includes 3 months of Water Treatment, a bottle of Penetrating cleanser to do the initial cleansing process (which will remove built up residues from the plumbing of your tub), and a bottle of Filter Soak to clean your filters with. We have assembled various Start Up Kits to cater to your needs, and make the ordering process fast and easy. I have also built in a discount into the Start Up Kits.

    I recommend the Micropure Prefilter to all customers. You just attach it to your hose and fill your tub with clean, perfect water. It just makes sense to start with clean water that won't cause you any problems in the future. To order a start up kit including the prefilter go back to the start up kit page and click one of the start up kits that shows the prefilter in it.

    Use The Penetrating Cleanser to DEEP CLEAN your spa, then use The Water Treament and Conditioner to keep it clean, clear, and fresh for 3 months.

    FOR NEW SPA OWNERS: When the manufacturer of your spa wet tested it at the factory, water was left behind in the plumbing providing an excellent place for bacteria to grow. The Penetrating Spa Cleanser will Deep Clean your spas plumbing eliminating potentially dangerous contaminants from your tub.

    Clean your filters with The Filter Soak so you are not cross contaminating your spa with other chemicals.

    Buying a Start Up Kit is the best way to begin using The Natural Hot Tub Co. and you save money too.

    Is there a way you can enjoy your spa while not exposing yourself or the environment to toxic chemicals? YES: THE NATURAL HOT TUB CO®.

    The Natural Hot Company's® Water Treatment and Conditioner uses ALL NATURAL SEAWEED ENZYMES to treat your spa water and keep it clean, clear, and fresh for 3 months, without have to soak in harsh chemicals.

    The Natural Hot Tub Company® is an exciting advancement in water treatment. One bottle of our Water Treatment and Conditioner keeps your water clean, clear, and fresh for 3 months. Our Water Treatment and Conditioner is non-toxic, easy to use, and economical. No more testing your tub everyday or time consuming maintenance. Our Water Treatment and Conditioner won't cause the rashes, itching, burning red eyes, and dry skin that chemicals do. With The Natural Hot Tub Company® there is no nasty chemical odor. You won't feel like you need to take a shower after you get out of your spa, your skin will be soft and silky smooth after each use.

    The Natural Hot Tub Company's® seaweed enzyme formula breaks down contaminants in your spa dissolving them away, keeping your spa clean and clear for 3 months. Enzymes are used by cutting edge biochemists in the war against disease because they are so specific in what they attack. An enzyme can be absolutely deadly to some life forms and be completely safe, even beneficial, to others.

    Years of research, development, and testing by independent laboratories has produced our Water Treatment and Conditioner. A unique and powerful formula of seaweed enzymes specifically designed to keep your spa clean and healthy. Our Water Treatment and Conditioner attracts oils and other contaminants, then dissolves them away, eliminating them without the use of harsh chemicals. Our Water Treatment and Conditioner contains lanolin which softens your spa water keeping minerals up along the water line eliminating the spa equivalent of "bathtub ring". Your spa water will be safer for you and feel better too!

    With chemicals or other treatment methods you need to test and treat your spa constantly to keep the water free from dangerous contaminants, but there is a big problem with the way most spas are treated, they use harsh chemicals. Many of the chemicals used to treat your spa are toxic. The elevated temperatures of your spa cause these chemicals to be more active and an even greater threat to you. High spa temperatures open your pores and allow chemicals to be absorbed by your skin and blood stream. The chemical vapor caused by the temperatures of your spa are breathed in, damaging sensitive lung tissue. No wonder 80% of people who use spas have some kind of adverse reaction like red irritated eyes, itchy dry skin, and rashes.

    New Customers are recommended to purchase The Natural Hot Tub Co® Start Up Kit, this will give you one bottle of The Water Treatment and Conditioner, one bottle of Penetrating Cleanser to do the initial cleansing treatment, and one bottle of Filter Soak to clean your filters with, and you save money off the retail price too. You can save even more by bundling your Natural Hot Tub Co® products with a Micorpure prefilter or some of our SeaKlear products, these bundles are located on the Start Up Kit page.

    Before starting with The Natural Hot Tub you need to use The Penetrating Spa Cleanser, this will remove contaminants and chemical residues that have built up in your spa, getting it ready for our Water Treatment and Conditioner. So you don't cross contaminate your spa with other chemicals, use our all natural Filter Soak to clean your filters The Natural Solution recommends that you use the Micropure Prefilter to fill your tub, and any time you add water to your tub. The prefilter will remove all contaminants out of your water down to .5 Microns. Starting with clean water from the prefilter is important, especially with some of the things they are finding in our water these days. Using the prefilter will eliminate alot of the problems with your water right off the bat.



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