Natural Chemistry PHOSfloc

18.00 LBS
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Natural Chemistry PHOSfloc

For Pools with Extremely High Phosphate Levels. Initial dosing with PHOSfloc will drop phosphate ppb to more manageable levels for use of PHOSfree and Pool Perfect+Phosfree.




Clear, Perfect Water...
Unconditionally Guaranteed!




PHOSfloc reduces high phosphate levels to more manageable levels, inexpensively.


One bottle of PHOSfloc will reduce 4,000 ppb of phosphates to approximately 600ppb in a 10,000 gallon pool.  At this point phosphate levels can be reduced to near zero levels with regular PHOSfree or Pool Magic+PHOSfree.


Note: PHOSfloc must be vacuumed to waste or removed from the pool with a separate vacuum pump. PH must be adjusted to 7.2 before applying. Follow directions for product application closely.

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