Intex Above Ground Pool 32' x 16' x 52" Frame Set Pool

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Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Package  


  Nothing matches these rectangular frame pools. Size, strength, durability, and flexibility are all combined into our Rectangular pools.

Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, size 32' x 16' x 52" with filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, deluxe maintenance kit, surface skimmer, volleyball set and instructional DVD.
  • Size: 32' Length x 16' Width x 52" Height
  • Weight: 619.6 lbs
  • Water Capacity: 14,364 gallons (54,368 L)
  • Sidewall Thickness: 28.2 mils or 0.71 mm
  • Floor Thickness: 24 mils or 0.61 mm
  • Ground Cloth Thickness: 20.8 mils or 0.53 mm
  • The Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool is a cost-effective "easy set-up" alternative to over-priced and difficult to set up steel walled pools. This pool is a great value with its versatility and durability. With proper care a Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool will provide many years of family enjoyment.
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools are easy to set up - all you will need is a screwdriver for the filter pump and ladder assemblies
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools come as a packaged set that include lots of accessories!
    • Includes a 2,650 gallon per hour water sand filtration pump with a saltwater chlorine generator
    • Includes an automatic surface skimmer that works in conjunction with the water filtration pump to skim and catch leaves and other surface debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool
    • Includes a sturdy "A-frame" pool ladder for easy pool access
    • Includes a detachable volleyball set made of rust-resistant powder coated galvanized steel poles
    • Includes a ground cloth to protect the pool's underside
    • Includes a fitted pool cover to keep out falling debris while the pool is not in use
    • Includes a deluxe pool maintenance kit that consists of a telescoping aluminum shaft with interchangeable pool vacuum and pool skimmer heads
    • Includes an instructional video to aid with set-up and maintenance
  • Rectangular Frame Pool liners are constructed using SUPER-TOUGH™ heavy gauge material. This above ground pool's sidewalls are SUPER-TOUGH™ and triple strong. The sidewalls are made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability - two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. The quality and design of this material results in extra strength and extreme durability. This reinforced PVC plastic is much thicker than other comparable above ground pools.
  • SUPER-TOUGH™ PVC is an extremely strong and durable plastic material that is impervious to gasoline, oil and salt water. The strong molecular structure of this plastic makes it highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. This special PVC plastic material also allows more pressure for greater rigidity while maintaining the PVC material's natural flexibility.
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools feature high quality galvanized steel piping that has been electro-statically powder coated for years of maintenance-free beauty and structural strength. This frame is RUST-RESISTANT and the frame provides superior structural support that accommodates a larger size pool with greater water depth
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools have a separate laminated band that lines the exterior of the pool to provide additional sidewall support
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools are incredibly easy to assemble. No tools are needed because each tube end has been precisely molded to fit together smoothly and easily. The frame members are quickly and easily locked together with high-strength, flexible pins that snap into position without the need of any tools
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools include a convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so the water can be easily and conveniently drained away from the pool area



"A" Frame Ladder Included!


Cover and Ground  Cloth Included!

 Volley Ball         Set Included!    

Deluxe Maintenance Kit Included!

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