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Marathon ImPower Variable Speed Square Flange Motor

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    Marathon ImPower Square Flange Variable Speed Motor

    Model number RB003


    Designed as a drop-in replacement for an induction motor, there are three easy ways to install the energy-saving imPower pool pump motor.  There’s more to the imPower pool pump motor than just energy efficiency. It’s lighter and more compact than typical induction motors and operates with less noise, offering virtually silent filtering operation. Also, the imPower features TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) construction and a high-strength bearing system. What does all that mean? Simply that this motor is as tough and reliable as it is smart. The imPower motor is also built on the ECM technology that we have manufactured for the HVAC market for over 20 years, ensuring that the benefits of the imPower motor can be experienced for many years.

    imPower’s three-speed design makes it ideal for pumping applications. As the affinity law of hydraulics states, if the speed of the motor is halved, the power is reduced by a factor of eight. The lower speeds with the imPower motor enable the pump to filter at lower speeds, resulting in energy savings for the homeowner. Anytime that a contractor can help a customer save money, the contractor ends up coming out ahead as well.

    The imPower motor is inherently more efficient than traditional induction motors, thanks to its innovative brushless permanent-magnet design. As compared to a single speed induction motor, the imPower motor is over 12% more efficient on high speed, over 50% more efficient on medium speed, and over 80% more efficient on low speed. Consumers can see savings as high as $513* per year after replacing a single speed motor with the imPower motor.

    RB003Square Flange
    Model Number 5SME29DFT001
    Voltage 208-230 V (±10%)
    Flange Square
    HP 1.0
    Service Factor 1.25
    High Speed 3450 RPM
    Medium Speed 2600 RPM
    Low Speed 1725 RPM
    Power Electronics Integrated
    Motor Technology Brushless Permanent Magnet
    Enclosure Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
    Bearing System Locked Ball Bearing
    Size 10.8" Length x 5.5" Diameter (Over Fins)

    * Amount of savings cited is compared to energy costs for a traditional induction motor and is based on 12 month per year pool use. Individual actual savings may vary.

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