Waterway Clearwater II DE Standard Filter System with 1.5 HP pump

80.00 LBS
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The Waterway Clearwater II FD18-7 DE Filter System with 1.5 HP Single speed pump.  The ClearWater D.E. filter features automatic hydraulic regeneration, Waterway’s Safety Lock Ring system for safe operation and maintenance.


  • True Spiral Laminar flow D.E. Filter, Spiral Laminar flow ensures even distribution of D.E. for maximum filtration.
  • Hi-Flo High Performance 1 1/2 HP Pump
  • Large 6 inch pump trap with one piece clear lid
  • Two 1 1/2 inch diameter hoses with clamps
  • Complete fitting package for all connections which includes 2 1 1/2" 6 ft hoses, Filter/Pump Union Adapter, hose fittings and hose clamps.
  • Standard System Base

Pump Model number PH2150-6R  Specifications:

  • 3ft 115v Power Cord
  • Single Speed
  • Powerful Performance
  • Standard electric cord

Filter Model number FD18-7

  • 67 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 18 Square Feet Filtration Area
  • 24,120 Water Turnover in 6 hours
  • Filters 3-5 Microns

Filter Dimensions:

35.25" Tall by 20.3" wide

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