Watertech Blue Diamond Robotic Remote Control Pool Cleaner

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The Blue Diamond RC is the remote control version offering all of the features of the standard Blue Diamond, but also allows the user to manually control where the unit cleans from up to 30 feet away. When manually controlled, the Blue Diamond RC can reduce cleaning times by seeking out and removing debris quickly and efficiently.

The Blue Diamond uses the best chemical and algae resistant Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) brushes available, allowing it to clean any pool surface quickly and effectively. Additionally, the unit employs the Aqua Smart guidance system to target the areas of your pool most in need of cleaning, making the Blue Diamond up to twenty times faster than conventional robotic cleaners. Its state of the art obstacle sensor will prevent the machine from getting stuck on ladders or other obstructions in the pool. The revolutionary beach entry detector prevents the unit from exiting the water, and when coupled with the obstacle detector, keeps your Blue Diamond hard at work! Included with the unit is an internal, reusable microfilter bag that removes debris as small as two microns, keeping your pool free of sand, silt, and algae as well as larger debris like leaves and gravel.

Equipped with a specially designed Caddy Cart, the Blue Diamond RC are easily transported and stored for superior convenience. For unparalleled power, speed, and value the Blue Diamond cannot be beaten!

•Can maneuver turns in the pool without walls or pistons
•The Safest operating robotic cleaner, running on 24 volts
•Approved for use by ETL, CSA, TUV, CE, GS
•Oil-Free drive motor
•“Hex Wheels”- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel supported wheel tubes
•Swivel on cord- No more cord tangling
•Equipped with PVA brushes that will operate in ANY type of pool surface
•NO FLOATS are needed as with other robots,
•Cycle Counter- Warranty testing
•All motors are pressure tested under water to 1.5 atmosphere (17 ft.)

Remote Control
•4-way 360 degree wireless button Remote Control
•Program Button - Can be programmed to clean floors only, walls only or both.
•3 motors in unit- 2 drive motors, and 1 pump motor
 •Cord Length: 60 ft.
•Factory Warranty: 4 year / 500 cycles
•Suction Power: 4225 Gal / Hr
•Cleaning Coverage: 5900 sq ft per hr
•Filter Porosity: 2 microns
•Unit Weight: 16.5 w/o cord
•Shipping Weight: 46 lbs
•Electrical Requirements: 115V/60hz
•Drive Motor: 24v DC Oil Free High Speed Brushless
•Pump Motor: 24v DC High Flow
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