Sta-Rite PLD Aboveground Modular DE Filter System Model SRPLD050OE1260

70.00 LBS
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Sta-Rite SRPLD050OE1260 combines a 30 Sq Ft Modular DE filter with a 1 HP Optiflo Pumo with a Twist lok cord.

Providing outstanding water purity and carefree operation in a system package. Evolution of the proven modular media technology delivers D.E. filtration in a simple, one-piece module design. Available with rugged, large-capacity OptiFlo® Series pump.


  • Typical Installation – Aboveground pools
  • Easy-open Convenience – The Posi-Lok locking ring provides easy access for seasonal cleaning. Simply unscrew the ring and lift
  • Holds More Dirt – The modular-design filters incorporate a balanced-flow tank design that directs water through both sides of the modules, using every inch of its pleated surface
  • Ready to Go – Complete system includes the Mod D.E. filter and a performance-matched pump that's ready for easy assembly on a tool-free platform
NOTE: Operating Limits – designed for maximum continual working pressure of 50 PSI. Water temperature maximum 104°F (40°C). D.E. required: 6 lbs.
Product Number           HP              Cord                Hose Kit              Effective Filtration            Flow Rate              Turnover Capacity  
                                                                                                      Area                                                       8 hours
SRPLD050OE1260          1              3' Twist-Lok       6 ft.                          30                                60                        29,000
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