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Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater ELS 1102

Raypak Ruud 11Kw Electric Spa Heater ELS 1102


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  • Product Description

    Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater
    Raypak a Rheem Company

    Model Number ELS 1102

    Technical Data for Spa Heaters

    ABCAmp DrawGFCI Size
    552 18,767 3 7/8" 16" 8" 23 30
    1102 37,534 10 7/8" 23" 15" 46 60
    ModelWater Temperature Rise in °F / Hour
    10° 15° 20° 25°
    Gallons of Water
    552 450 225 150 113 95
    1102 900 450 300 225 190

    Note: assumes covered and insulated spa.

    Technical Features - All Models

    • Brass Headers: Brass headers prevent rust stains from harming your pool or spa's surface, giving you years of trouble-free swimming pleasure. They also allow for a corrosion free connection to your spa plumbing, making any future servicing a snap.
    • Copper Water Vessel: The Raypak Electric Spa heater has a completely non-ferous waterway. The cast brass headers are connected with an all copper water tank. This ensures that the spa water only comes in contact with a rust free environment. This helps keeps your spa rust stain free.
    • 1 1/2" Water Connections: Every Raypak Electric Spa heater comes standard with 1 1/2" NTP male connections to make your installation secure and effortless. No other special connections are required, such as current collectors or heat sinks.
    • Heating Element: The heart of any electric heater is the heating element. The Raypak Electric Spa heater comes with a robust, incoloy sheathed heating element. The top of the element is 3/16" stainless steel, again, ensuring a rust free environment.
    • Contactor: Raypak Electric Spa heaters use commercial grade components. Take one look at the heavy duty power contactor and you know this heater is built to last.
    • Safety: Inside every Raypak Electric Spa heater is a built-in device to prevent overheating. In the event the heater is energized when the water flow is insufficient, a resetable high limit will prevent the heater from operating in an unsafe condition.
    • 240v Operation: Both of the Raypak Electric Spa heater's operate with 240v single phase power. The model 552 draws about 23 amps @ 240v and the model 1102 draws about 46 amps @ 240v.
    • Energy-Efficient: Energy-smart Raypak heaters consistently achieve the highest efficiency ratings. They exceed all federal and state standards.

    Quality Assurance

    • ISO 9001: We are proud to be an ISO 9001 registered manufacturing plant. It's one more reason why Raypak is number one in the heater industry today.
    • End-of-Line Test: Every Raypak electric spa heater is test-fired before it is put in the carton. This ensures that your heater will work right out of the box and continue to give you years of trouble-free operation.
    • UL Listed: The Raypak electric spa heaters are listed with UL and cUL.

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