JETMAX Turbo Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaner

35.00 LBS
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Recommended for pools up to 120' / 37m long


  • Virtually FREE of consumable “wear and tear” parts.
  • 120’ floating cable to accommodate the largest pools.
  • 2 Year Warranty on plastics, electronics and motors.
  • At 18 pounds it is easy to handle, operate and remove from the pool.
  • Cleans all commercial pools up to 120 feet long; in half the time of any other cleaner.
  • Unique scanning pattern guides the cleaner to fully vacuum most pool floors in about 1 hour.
  • Complete set of Filter Bags (1 Fine Filter / 1 Mesh Filter) to capture all types of debris.
  • Perfect for the slopes, curls, and curves of Grecian, Kidney-shape, or gradient-walled pools.
  • JetDrive Propulsion uses the water pressure from the Pump to move the unit. No Drive Motor needed!
  • High-Volume Pump Motor increases cleaner suction, filtration, and Jet Drive propulsion speed.
  • Obstacle Sensors to detect walls and objects in the pool. Magnetic sensors detect stopped motion.
  • Non-scuff rubber wheels guide the momentum of the JetDrive Propulsion. No Belts or Tracks needed!
  • Hydroscrub System power-washes debris from the floor with pressurized water. No Brushes needed!
  • Pump has Thermostat Box to regulate temperature, prolong motor life and reduce service costs.
  • Customizable Directional Guidance adjustments enable efficient systematic width-to-width cleaning patterned movements.
  • StayCool™ Power Supply with internal digital 1-7 hour adjustable automatic shut-off Timer.
  • External timer system operable (e.g. can connect to house type timer or via relay to pool auto-control system)
  • NEW! Manual Guidance Attachment (MGA) provides manual spot cleaning operation via connection of standard extension pole.


Technical Specifications Sheet
Recommended Pool Length:
≤ 120' / 37m
Maximum Pool Volume:
700,000 Gals. / 2,650,000 Liters
Maximum Pool Size:
12,000 Ft2 / 1,114.8 m2
RPM Under No Load After The Gear Box:
Cleaner Speed
(distance per second)
1.00’ / .31m
Filtration / Circulation (volume per minute):
110 GPM / 416 Liters
Filtration Particulate Removal (nominal)
Down to 2µ
Filter Maximum Volume Debris Holding Capacity:
45 Quarts / 42.59 Liters
Cable Length:
120' / 36m
Floor / Wall Cleaning:
Remote Control:
Cleaning Cycle Auto-Start Delay:
Manual Guidance Attachment (MGA) Feature:
Tangible Brushing:
HydroScrubbing / DeepClean™ Power Washing:
Yes / 2
Pump Motor(s):
Drive Motor(s):
Drive Feature:
Hydraulic Jet Drive Propulsion
Guidance Pattern:
Adjustable Directional Wedge (systematic scanning)
Air Sensor / Zero-Depth Beach Entry:
Obstacle Avoidance (VGB, etc.):
Clean Time (approximate)
<2 Hours
Automatic Shut-Off / External Timer Operability:
1-7 Hour Adjustable Timer / External Timer Operable
Debris Intake Port Size:
.815 x 5.89” (4.80 sq. in.) / 2.07 x 14.95 cm (30.95 sq. cm)
Cleaning Path Width:
20.5” / 52.07 cm
Operating Voltage @ 60 cycles:
115v / 28v
Energy Consumption in Kilowatts:
2 Years
Cleaner Weight:
17.5 lbs. / 7.9 KG
Cleaner Dimensions (L x W x H):
20 x 21 x 11 inch / 50.8 x 53.34 x 27.94 cm
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H):
28 x 19 x 15” / 71.1 x 48.3 x 38.1 cm
Shipping Weight:
43 lbs. / 19.5 KG
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