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JETMAX JUNIOR Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaner


35.00 LBS
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  • Product Description

    AquaProducts JETMAX JUNIOR Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Free Aqua Buggy Included!




    Aqua Products' Aquajet division has gone back to the drawing board in order to redesign the way in which pools are cleaned automatically. Unlike any other automatic cleaner the JetMAX line operates without costly complex circuitry, motor configuration and without the multitude of wear and tear moving parts. JetMAX offers a revolutionary design that provides the most reliable, trouble-free solution to automatic pool cleaning. Its patented Jet Drive Propulsion System provides Hydroscrubbing, Vacuuming and Driving capabilities with its single on-board Pump Motor, eliminating the need for costly "wear and tear" parts like drive belts, tracks, brushes, gears and complex drive motors.


    While JetMax travels across the pool floor, a portion of filtered water is diverted by the hydrojet impeller forcing water under high pressure through tubing to the hydroscrubbing nozzles beneath the JetMax. The strong jets of water from these nozzles "scrub" dirt and debris (including sand and silt) out of porous pool surfaces. Debris hydroscrubbed off the pool floor is lifted upwards and is vacuumed into JetMAX's internal oversized 2 micron filter bag, even when the cleaner is moving at very high speeds. The reusable filter bag is easily removed, cleaned and remounted providing years of reliable service.

    Recommended for pools up to 50'

    At the heart of every JetMAX Junior is the patented JetDrive Propulsion System. This unique valve system enables JetMAX Junior to vacuum dirt and debris into the filter bag and out of the pool while moving around your pool using a single high output pump motor. The Hydroscrub Power Wash System includes a high pressure impeller that forces pressurized water through tubes to the Hydroscrubber nozzles. Sharp streams of water power wash dirt and debris off the pool surface.

    The revolutionary JetMax Junior pool cleaner features a unique onboard pump and filter design making it the only automatic vacuum that works without manual labor, hoses, poolside pumps, hoists, costly drive motors, or the familiar wear and tear components such as tracks, belts, and brushes. JetMax Junior vacuums 4,800 GPH of dirt and debris into its 2x-quart capacity internal filter bag (standard equipped with both 2-micron and mesh filter bags). The micro-filtered water is expelled, jettisoning JetMax forward similar to a jet ski. A portion of the filtered water is forced, under high pressure, from the pump motor through two tubes to the pool's surface, creating a power washing effect to flush difficult dirt and debris up and out of pool pores--where brushes can't reach--and into JetMax Junior. The result is the most reliable and fastest automatic vacuum on the market, cleaning most pools in just one to two hours.






    Product Specifications

    Jet MAX Junior

    Jet MAX

    Jet MAX Turbo

    Pump Volume

    80 GPM

    90 GPM

    100 GPM

    Area Coverage / Hr.

    6,000 Sq. Ft.

    7,500 Sq. Ft.

    7,800 Sq. Ft.

    Filter / Porosity

    1 Fine Filter Bag - Down to 2 Microns 1 Mesh Leaf Bag - Ideal for Large Debris


    19qt. Capacity

    26qt. Capacity

    26qt. Capacity

    Electrical Requirements

    115V / 60 Hz

    Power Supply

    Stepdown Transformer 115V to 39VAC w/ adjustable movement control timer 1- 9 Hour

    Floating Cable Length

    75 Ft.

    100 Ft.

    120 Ft.


    16.5” x 15” x 11”

    21.25” x 15” x 11”

    21.5” x 15” x 12”

    Cleaner Weight

    13.5 lbs.

    16.6 lbs.

    17 lbs.

    Length of Pool Cleaned




    Cleaning Path Width

    12 inch

    16 inch

    16 inch

    Approx. Clean Time

    2 Hours


    2 Years


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