Hayward TigerShark Plus Portable Robotic Cleaner

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Hayward TigerShark Plus Portable Robotic Cleaner!
Model RC9955GR

TigerShark Family of robotic cleaners has been selling worldwide for over 40 years. This outstanding high performance track record can only attest to their ability to thoroughly clean your pool. Fully automatic and self contained the powerful electric cleaners' attack dirt and debris in your pool, affording you more time to enjoy it. Easy to operate, just take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go no additional tools required.

The TigerShark's are engineered with a technology that enables it to automatically read and calculate the size of your pool. Utilizing its on-board, smart computer, it codes itself for a programmed time and energy efficient cleaning pattern for a spotless clean pool every time. The TigerShark filter cartridge has an impressive surface area of six square feet; it's able to suck up fine debris on the spot.

In addition, TigerShark's are energy efficient as they need substantially less energy than other types of cleaners. While a typical cleaner and booster pump draws approximately 20amps, savings do not compare with TigerShark requiring just 1amp.

As an additional safety measure, All TigerShark's feature a 24 DC volt energy efficient motor. When compared to similar cleaners, its vacuum strength outperforms. Utilizing less energy and providing the most efficient programmed cleaning, this advanced portable cleaner brushes and scrubs while it vacuums reaching everywhere in your pool including the bottom, sides and steps. No more bags, no more worries as it's the first portable cleaner of its kind to feature a reinforced cartridge filter element. Easy to clean this removable cartridge makes cleaning a snap just remove and rinse with a garden hose and replace easy as 1-2-3.

TigerShark® Plus
Engineered with all the advanced features of the TigerShark, TigerShark Plus offers a preset seven-hour cleaning cycle and optional hand-held wireless remote control. It will maneuver around the pool with ease or spot clean when a full cleaning cycle is not required.

  • Cleans up to a 20 x 40 pool
  • TigerShark Plus has a 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy Clean Reinforced Cartridge Filter


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