Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control

10.00 LBS
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America's best-selling solar control is designed for easy and dependable operation. Its microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Advanced features include differential temperature control, selectable high limit, programmable recirculation freeze protection, nocturnal cooling, and optional booster pump control.

Automatically maximizes solar heat collection by actuating a 24V valve when there is solar heat available
LED indicators show status of system operations
Automatic switching (selectable) from solar pool heating to nocturnal pool cooling
Single-setting adjustment for desired pool/spa temperature
Recirculation freeze protection
Installer-programmable features for any-system adaptability
Quick, accurate, easy-to-set desired temperature controls
Easy to read, understand and operate


Includes: 2"/2 ½" 3-Way Valve Actuator and 2 pc Sensors.
* Precise, easy-to-read, calibrated temperature setting.
* LED indicators show status of system operations
* Recirculation freeze protection

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