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ePool Wireless Smart System Pool Monitoring System


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  • Product Description

    ePool Smart System
    Wireless Pool Monitoring System

    Take the guesswork out of balancing your water’s chemistry!


    The simple, wireless and accurate ePool® Smart System saves you time and money so you can enjoy your pool more often and spend less time maintaining it. This innovative system includes a floating sensor, USB receiver and user friendly downloadable software that transmits your pool’s pH, Sanitizer and Temperature levels 24/7. Constant monitoring eliminates unhealthy spikes and dips in pool chemicals that commonly occur with periodic manual testing or weekly servicing. No more calculating, guessing or test kits required. Effortlessly check your status from your computer or smartphone with simple email and text alerts indicating exactly what and how much to add to your water for a Smarter, Healthier Pool.

    • Works on regular, salt water and mineral pools
    • Continual 24/7 monitoring of pH, chlorine and water temperature
    • Accurate analysis
    • No guesswork or test strips needed
    • Easy to set up and use with any PC or MAC
    • Easy to read messages automatically sent to your computer
    • Can be programmed to send email and text messages
    • Software upgrades easily managed
    • Patented technology
    • Includes 20 consumer handouts per master case
    • Requires four (4) AA batteries (not included)
    • 1 year Customer Support
    • Full replacement warranty-90 days

    Product: 6.375” Diameter x 10.625” H

    The ePool® Smart System™ is able to measure three important levels in water: pH, which is a measurement of the acidity of the water; ORP, which is a measure of the effectiveness of the sanitizer; and temperature of the water.

    The ePool® Smart System™ does not measure all important variables in water chemistry, however most of these change slowly over longer periods of time and do not require the constant observation that ePool® provides. ePool® does prompt you to have these readings tested regularly at your local pool supply retailer. When the results are input to the software, it will let you know if the readings are outside the ASPC/NSPI recommended range.

    Chemical levels not monitored:

    • Total Alkalinity (TA): Very important, as it affects the way pH adjustments happen in the pool water.
    • Calcium Hardness: Proper range ensures reduced scale formation or “chalking” of pool walls.
    • Cyanuric Acid/Conditioner (CYA): Proper range ensures that sanitizer effectiveness (ORP) will remain high enough to protect swimmers during sunlight hours. If the Cyanuric Acid levels are too high (over 50ppm), it will “bind” the sanitizer, rendering it ineffective. In addition, ORP sensors, such as the one in ePool®, do not function properly with Cyanuric Acid levels over 50ppm. NOTE: Indoor pools or spas do NOT need CYA or stabilizer.
    • Phosphates: Think of phosphates as “algae food.” The higher the phosphate levels, the higher your chances of having an algae problem. Low is good – zero is better.
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): This is a measure of ALL solids dissolved in your pool water. This includes Calcium and anything else. Pools equipped with a salt chlorine generator will have a higher Total Dissolved Solids number. Too high, and the addition of other chemicals can be negatively affected.

    Total Alkalinity and Phosphates may be adjusted by adding chemicals per your local pool supply store’s recommendations. Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid and Total Dissolved Solids can only be lowered by draining water from the pool and adding fresh water. It is important to note that evaporation does NOT count as “removing water” and is, in fact, the reason these readings creep up over time.

    Your pool or spa is a delicate balancing act – ePool® makes maintaining safe, comfortable, attractive and enjoyable water easier and more accurate


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