Aquabot Rapids 1500 Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Thanks to its patented AquaSmart Gyro Technology, the Aquabot Rapids 1500 robotic pool cleaner brushes, vacuums and micro‑filters dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool’s floor, walls and waterline in the shortest amount of time while preventing cable tangling.

Smart algorithm

The AquaSmart Gyro Technology allows the cleaner to efficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool in approximately 2 Hours. The smart algorithm installed in the brain of the cleaner enables the robot to cover the pool in a systemized fashion, without wasting time. Additionally, the Rapids 1500 comes equipped with the Aquabrush Clean System, this a patented vibrating brush is located underneath the unit. The active scrubbing it provides loosens dirt and debris, increasing the cleaning efficiency of the unit.Everything you need in a robotic pool cleaner

The Aquabot Rapids 1500 offers residential pool owners everything they need for their pool maintenance in a single package. With its advanced features, this affordable and reliable pool cleaning solution was designed with pool owners in mind, making pool cleaning so much easier than before. Now you can just sit back, relax, and let the aquabot Rapids 1500 do all the work for you!

Pool cleaning made easy

Every single detail of the aquabot Rapids 1500 was designed with the pool owner‘s comfort in mind – from its premium trolley to facilitate transport and storage, through to its transparent easy view windows to monitor filter fouling. Its ergonomic design and hand-grip make handling effortless when it’s time to put the cleaner to work. With the push a button, the 4D filter is released and can be removed from above, opened and cleaned – without getting your hands dirty!


Product features

Pool type    In-Ground
Surface type    All pool surfaces (except tile)
Wall climbing    Floor, wall and waterline
Filter loading    Top Cover Access
Filter type    4D Hyperfine Microfiber
Dimensions    19.9” x 17.6” x 20.3”
Cable length    60 ft
External timer capability    Yes
Weight    19.8 lbs
Caddy for transport/storage    Yes
Warranty    2 years
Pool shape    All

Pool Size Up to 50' Long
Method of propulsion    Drive & pump motors
Approximate Operating Cost/Hour    $0.05
Cleaning cycles    1, 1.5, 2 hours
Gallons per Minute    80+
Dirty Filter Indicator    Yes

Warranty    2 years

Designed to clean residential pools of all shapes up to 50' long

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