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Pool Solutions Stabilized 3" Chlorine Tablets


50.00 LBS
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    High Quality Stabilized 3 inch Chlorine Tablets


    Pool Solutions 3 inch chlorine tablet is a powerful, stabilized slow dissolving completely soluble way to keep your pool water clean and safe. Pool Solutions 3 inch tablets are 90% available chlorine and stabilized to stay in the water longer, saving you time and money.  These tablets are higher quality than you typically get in the big box stores so you will use less tablets to achieve the same residual chlorine level.  These tablets are individually packaged for your convenience.  Made in the USA.


    • 90% available chlorine.
    • 99% trichlor.
    • EPA approved.
    • Will not cloud water Ideal for use in feeders, floaters and skimmer baskets.
    • Packaged in convenient pouches for handling.
    • Complete instructions for dosage on container.

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